Wings In The Night Fog

Wings in the night fog


The weather made me remember a dream I had the other night.

I dreamt about flying creatures with leathery wings. Not quite bats, but things about the size of a human with leathery wings.

In my dream, these creatures have a matte gray skin and wrapped themselves up into a cocoon shape when they were on the ground.

To do that, they cross their arms, or wings if you will. These things also lacked the ability to walk. When they have to move on the ground, they shuffle. Their three toed talons making a grinding noise. If these things need to cover any distance over 5 feet, they just flap their wings and do a quick hop/flight to their new position, and wrap themselves in their wings again.

Something else about the creatures, is that they have a really bad smell.

Its a smell like rotten eggs or sweaty crotch. Whenever they do their little hop flight, their smell permeates their surroundings, and gets under people’s skin. It’s a smell that lingers on you until you change clothes, or take a shower.

Dogs could always tell when you’d met one of these things because the dogs could smell their odor on you for days. If you were lucky enough to live through the meeting.

This thing has sort of a human face, but not human teeth or eyes. They don’t speak, but rather they communicate with by speaking with the voice in your head that you try to keep quiet. They do this, so that they know your true intentions.

I don’t know, or remember, what these things are called.

I would imagine, that these things would make their appearance known to us in heavy fog like this.

You would see their figures in the night sky, like these birds here. Our minds would think that we were seeing birds until it was too late. These things tell us in our minds that they come in peace, but we have no way of knowing if that’s true.

Anyway, I either made this thing up in my head, or I’m remembering something from a movie that I saw years ago and creating a collage.

One or the other.


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