Woman Sues After Getting Kicked Off Facebook

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Apparently, she thinks that she got booted for starting a petition page to get Facebook to increase their friend limit on personal pages to beyond 5000. To me, that dog don’t hunt.

There’s more to this, lots more, but we’re not being told what it is. Regardless, I’m sure in the Facebook TOS there’s a clause that this lady broke.

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You can never have too many friends … except maybe on Facebook.

In a lawsuit filed against the world’s largest social network, Maryland resident Karen Beth Young claims Facebook disabled her account the day after she launched a page asking users to join her in petitioning Facebook to raise its 5,000-friend limit.

According to the complaint filed last month, Young joined the site in February 2010, launching a personal profile as well as two pages inspired by both her mother and sister’s battles with breast cancer, “Cancer Forum” and “Cartesian Plane for the Cure.”
Through these pages, Young “started to establish some very sincere relationships. Albeit online, they were genuine and heartfelt,” the complaint reads.

Young’s personal profile soon reached Facebook’s 5,000-friend limit, leading her to launch a public figure page, which has no friend limit, but “does not offer many warmer, interpersonal features.” Hence, the petition page — though whether that’s the catalyst for Young’s Facebook banishment is unclear.

Facebook’s opaque boilerplate e-mails to Young, filed within the complaint surfaced by Forbes (via tech law professor Eric Goldman) provide little insight. In the complaint, Young “alleges breach of contract, violation of her constitutional rights, and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act — Young has bipolar disorder.”

Unsatisfied with the written responses she received, and unable to raise anyone on the phone, Young drove from Maryland to Facebook headquarters in California where she says she was told by an employee, “Oh, people have driven farther than you, from Canada.” Once there, Young said her account was reinstated, but again shut down by the time she drove back across the country and home.

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